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Imperium Technology Group, LLC is minority/veteran owned and operated by Christopher Miller and Justin McGrady.  Chris and I met on a project, some of you may have heard or read about, the Air Force AFNET migration.  Both of us at the time were young professionals in our field and built a professional relationship quickly.  We were in different roles on the project, Chris was a Quest Migration Engineer, and I was Resident CommVault Engineer and we would travel in week to week from our home states.  Chris is from NY,NY and I am from South Carolina.  So our professional relationship grew into a friendship during this long project.  We both noticed core values displayed by each other on the project and that was  what brought us together in this Business Partnership today.  Core values are what this company is founded on and we make sure that our Customers are satisfied because we stick to our core values: Integrity, Service before self, and Excellence.

Helping to ensure accurate, timely and consistent data across multiple sources and environments, Imperium Group solutions for enterprise data management include:

Enterprise integration: providing proven methodologies, automation tools and a powerful business rules management system to support large-scale integration.

Master data management: helping organizations gain a single, unified and trusted view of critical data entities that are core to the business and replicated across business units and IT systems.

Data governance: supporting the proper management and control of information assets for the enterprise.


We offer a range of consulting services, all focused on simplifying while growing your capability of management.  If you're looking for a small tweak or complete overhaul, we have you covered.